Looking for a nice and complete blocklist for Transmission can be a pain, especially if you’re not sure of which one to pick.

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In edition to the above there are these lists with PG2 no skin off my nose. As for this new program lets hope it doesn't suffer the same ad nauseam problems it predecessor suffered from, otherwise we will get "Oh Noes teh Peerblock don't update". ie: You need to manually uninstall the old version; download/install the new version at this time.

Despite the bugs/limitations, it seems to be "usable".

(They're still adding features, so I'm gonna consider them "alpha quality"...ie: Expect bugs up the wazoo.) Suffice to say, PG2 is an example of how NOT to run a potential open source software project.

Its really one guy doing all the development work in a closed source manner, isn't it?

In our case, we are interested in keeping known "bad guys" away from our sites.

We do this for multiple reasons: Thanks for providing the scripts and steps.

See the next page, https:// Lists-Into-pf Sense for an updated download for direct download of the DShield feed.

Transmission is, in my opinion, the best Bit Torrent client for OS X and Linux [and did you know there’s even an unofficial Windows version too? Be sure to check the option below to make Transmission update the blocklist weekly for you so you won’t have to worry anymore.

Edit: typo In the case of PG2 its the program that is faulty not the lists. Look how many threads have been started that state that it has problems.