With today’s evolving technology and on the go business needs, we offer a complementary Wi Fi service.Fighting the Traffic in Down Town Detroit can be a pain in the rear!Of the 10 million Americans estimated to have osteoporosis, 8 million are women and 2 million are men.

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The ultrasound produces a picture of the thyroid gland by exposing the neck to high-frequency sound waves to produce pictures.

Because ultrasound images are captured in real-time, they can show the structure and movement of the body's internal organs, as well as blood flowing through blood vessels, providing your physician with opportunity for early detection of various thyroid conditions.

Located at 624 3rd St in downtown Detroit, this world class historical pub is one of the top rated spots in Downtown Detroit.

Located between Fort and Congress on Third street, Tommy’s Detroit is just a short walk from Wayne County Community College, Cobo Hall, Joe Louis Arena, the Federal Court House, Quicken Loans and WDIV TV.

Tommy’s Detroit was built in 1840 and has a tunnel entrance that was used to smuggle liquor from the Detroit River during prohibition.

It was also believed to have been used for the underground railroad in early Detroit.The restaurant features three intimate, book-lined dining rooms, as well as a beautiful bar and lounge.Our menu represents a refreshing mix of ideas customized by our culinary team.Your involvement in clinical studies is crucial to the development of new therapies.In addition to receiving new medications, free lab results, and healthcare visits, you also have the opportunity to learn new information which may help enhance your understanding of your current condition.To learn more about Tommy’s basement tours check out this video!