There are a few recorded kangaroo attacks, though we have been able too find only human death by roo attack which occurred in New South Wales in 1936 where a hunter was killed when he tried to rescue his two dogs from a fight with a kangaroo.

Other people in the area claim a mob of at least 50 kangaroos that live nearby have terrorized them for years and also on occasion attacked them.

Killer kangaroos claimed the lives of two dogs and injured at least one person in Canberra during the first week of July 2004.

One night in March 2009 all was quiet in Beat Ettlin's house in Canberra and all were peacefully asleep until around 2 AM he was woken by the sound of smashing glass splintering and in the dark saw something big jumping across his bed.

Awoken from his deep sleep he was still trying to figure out what the hell was happening here when his son yelled from the neighbouring room that there was a kangaroo in his room!!!

In the past former governor-general Bill Hayden and his successor William Deane became irritated by kangaroos overrunning their gardens at Yarralumla and asked unsuccesfully for them to be shot.

Near the city at Googong Dam authorities did start culling kangaroos but animal liberationists protested and stopped them temporarily.

The kangaroo them jumped in to the water and the dog followed.

In a self defence move typical for kangaroos the kangaroo grabbed the dog with its front paws and held it under water to drown it.

By now Chris had caught up with them and leapt into the water too to save his dog from the five foot roo, but the roo was not giving up the dog just like that and ripped in to Chris too.

He received a big gash on his forehead and several deep gashes on his abdomen and chest while he was under water trying to pull his half drowned dog away from the roo and make his way back to shallower water, the roo only finally backed off a bit when Chris managed to elbow it in the throat.

Don't approach a kangaroo when it is standing up and looking straight at you, especially if it growls or snorts.