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Inventions may also be protected as Utility Models in Ukraine, which are subject to formal examination only.

The objects of Utility Models to which the legal protection is granted are identical to the objects of Inventions (i.e.

For patent applications claiming priority it is necessary to provide the certified copy of the priority document within three months from filing the patent application in Ukraine.

The translation of the priority document into Ukrainian is not required, but may be requested by the Patent Office under certain circumstances.

The Ukrainian patent application undergoes the substantive examination.

The substantive examination is started after the corresponding request has been filed and the official fee has been paid.The applicant should file the request and pay the official fee within three years from filing the application.The novelty of the invention is not disproved if the disclosure of the information about the invention is made within 12 months before filing an application (if the priority is claimed before the priority date) by the inventor, or by the person who received this information from the inventor directly or indirectly.The official fees for publication and issuance fee must be paid within three months from the date of granting a patent.The extension of this term is possible for six additional months by paying an extra fee.The pencil 20 comprises an elongate body 22 defining a central axial bore 24 that communicates between both ends of the elongate body.