Typially SDs are really confident, too – probably down to the fact that to get to the position they're in in their careers, you have to be very assertive.A few of the men I've dated really like the fact I want to 'go places' so they're keen and helpful in trying to guide me to success."Before meeting a potential new SD, I always chat with them first online to make sure we both want the same things.A lot of being a SB is about keeping up that 'perfect girl' persona. But, like with regular dating, it's not something you rush into.

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I'm lucky in that I do have a connection with most of my SD's, even if it's not always a physical one, so that makes it easier."Most of the men I've seen have been pretty good in bed.

I guess it's the excitement, but they're often very passionate.

I've had two who were pretty selfish though; One was lovely in other ways so I didn't mind too much, but with the other it just felt like being taken advantage of and he was into some stuff I wasn't comfortable with, so that one ended quite quickly."So far, my SDs have spent around 25k on me – a mix of cash monthly allowances, gifts and trip.

I went on a trip to Prague last summer with an SD, which was unforgettable - and the duty free shopping was just the icing on the cake!

Plus, what student doesn't fantasise about money not being an issue?

"Whenever someone asks me how I define the Sugar Daddy/Sugar Baby relationship, I say it's mutually beneficial."I'm a 19-year-old law student with a passion for politics and BIG career ambitions.I also date and have sex with older men in exchange for a hefty monthly allowance, and I'm not ashamed of it.I go for the latter, and go on a few dates a month with my SDs."There are some guys who are just looking for cheap hookers, though, which is something we're not."I was seriously nervous when I met my first Sugar Daddy."But, like with meeting any man online, it isn't always safe.