Unlike the school and physician referrals, Berkshire returned her call immediately.The only problem was Ali’s health insurance did not cover Andrea White’s practice, so White proposed doing online speech therapy sessions. But the first session was a smashing success, completely relieving her concerns about doing online speech therapy.

Google Helpouts is yet another new Google product experiment.

Based on Google’s popular Hangouts video chat tool, Helpouts is a way for experts to offer their services via live video consultation.

Unlike Skype and Google Hangouts, VSee’s peer-to-peer video chat and screen share is encrypted from end-to-end where VSee has no access to any data transmitted between callers. The program is funded by grants from the Council on Domestic Violence and Sexual Assault and Trauma-Informed Care.

Video chat visits with your doctor are no longer a thing of the future.

Compare that to VSee One Click, which allows you to add multiple users into a video call and also for a user to leave the video call at will.

It’s also good to know that while Google is willing to sign a HIPAA BAA with you, it does store and retain rights to access to your data including recorded video chat sessions.

However, this may not be a big deal, since most of us are already part of the Google mafia in some way.

The bigger problem you’ll face is whether this Google service will stick around.

On the up side, probably the biggest draw of Helpouts for health providers at the moment is the pricing.

While other Helpouts users are charged a 20% commission fee from each of their Helpouts sessions, healthcare providers currently get to use Helpouts for free.

It includes patient scheduling, provider calendar, email and text notifications, and online payment all in one package.