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When it comes to double dating you can find several options that are just fun. The double date idea is as old as time…maybe not, but it is pretty common in today’s day and age.

Double dating can be fun if you have the right places to go.

Simply going to dinner can be fun, given the right ambiance and right restaurant – but there are still other ideas for a fun evening. The old standby for double dates is dinner for four.

Unfortunately, not everyone can be truly gifted in the art of conversation, or even worse, be compatible with every dinner mate.

Rafting is fun, but it takes coordination and teamwork — making it perfect for adventurous double-dating couples.

If you're pros, go head-to-head with another other in a race of couple versus couple.8.There is just something soothing about going on a double date somewhere.It helps keep people accountable, but more so it helps people become a little more comfortable on the date.The lull between meals and quips about work can bring down an evening.What you need to look for when choosing a dinner destination is a place with something …Skip the usual dinner date and try these fun ideas fit for a foursome. bleh.)Here are some date ideas fit for a foursome:1. Scavenge through boxes and bags for hidden vintage treasures.