The M9 requires a score of 4000 points earned with pistols to unlock.The M9 model is also reused for the three-round burst "93R", although it started out with a 20 1 capacity (despite using a 15-round magazine model), after a patch it now has a 15 1 capacity just like the standard M9.Hammers are in the proper positions for single action firing, if available.

4gp hindstine bf-42

The Rhino's visible hammer does not move while firing, which is actually correct, as the gun has an internal hammer and the visible part is simply a lever used to cock the internal hammer, which does not stay back after the internal hammer is cocked, nor does it move while firing (a comparison could be made to an AR-15 or MP5 charging handle, which only moves when moved by the user, as they are separate from the bolt).

The CZ 75 SP-01 SHADOW chambered in .40S&W appears as the "CZ-75" and is an unlockable sidearm in the game, holding 12 1 rounds.

The FN Five-seve N is available in multiplayer as an unlockable sidearm and holds 20 1 rounds.

In-game, the Five-seven does slightly less damage than 9x19mm pistols but benefits from having superior accuracy and a large magazine capacity.

The M9 is the United States military designation for the 92FS.

When utilizing accessories such as lights and lasers, the M9A1 variant with an integrated rail would be more appropriate.

Another oddity is that the front dot and rear rectangular border on the sights are green instead of white.

The Heckler & Koch HK45C is the last sidearm to be unlocked in multiplayer, and is listed as the "Compact 45" presumably for trademark reasons; however, DICE's internal file name for the pistol remains "HK45C".

The US Support character model is the only American unit which has an M9 on them.