Hello my friend, Thanks for the quick reply, and thanks God I've found a guy with the same model as mine. Link to my post is here, Look the post under the name : " najamkhan " posted my Service menu pictures and as well as a video.Have you enabled the jpeg picture and mp3 music support on your tv with my guide? If you haven't already enabled it enable it now atleast for jpeg and mp3have you found any way of enabling movie support on our model? Sorry for the long post but my friend we have to help each other.And the you are referring to is for patching the samsung firmware. But they are working on the firmwares for models starting from B550.

dating aynsley china - Updating firmware on samsung tv

Choose "Save" in the pop-up window and save the file to the USB memory drive attached to your computer. Click "Start" and click "Computer" to open a Windows Explorer window. Double-click the execution (.exe) file downloaded from the Samsung website. After the file unzips, select "OK" and then select "Close."Right-click on the USB memory drive icon in the Windows Explorer window and then select "Eject." A pop-up message will alert you when it is safe to remove the drive.

Disconnect the USB memory drive from your computer. Insert the USB memory drive into a USB port on the back of the TV. Navigate to the "Support" menu using the arrow buttons.

But I don't know how to backup the current firmware or to find the firmware for my Tv if anything goes wrong. I've successfully enabled my "Service USB" port on Samsung LA37B530 to watch Jpeg pictures and Playing mp3 music files.

Help me bro and do tell me if u don't understand the instructions I also have these instructions in pictures i'll upload them if u need. I've posted the details with Pictures and Video proof in this thread under the name of "najamkhan": visit this thread maybe it will help you. I did these setting on the default firmware installed on my TV.

fallengt, If you've done the steps below, insert the drive while the TV is on. I wonder If is the problem I have searched but cannot find how to, step by step, do firmware update. Maybe if I hooked uup my laptop directly to the TV (never done this before either so step by step would be appreciated). firmware, I don't know what their instructions are. Just look at the Bottom Right of the screen u will see an option saying "Upgrade from USB" which will most probably be turned off.

You should be able to plug it in your TV at this point.--HDTEch I do exactly as your step above but still no luck.

Samsung LED, or light emitting diode, televisions use an LCD screen with LED lights either behind the screen or around the edge of the screen to provide a high-quality picture in a lightweight case.

LED televisions are often energy-saving and most meet Energy Star specifications.

I've tried to downgrade the firmware to TCHL5DEUC v 2003 that has the "Wiselink usb support"my lcd is not recognizing the firmware.

I also have downloaded the firmwares from samsung australia and samsung hongkong but same position.

A lightweight and thin profile makes LED televisions easier to mount on a wall than other types of televisions.