She preserves the precious gift by taking good care of herself.

She does it because she finds it highly important to be attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex. I asked my interviewee, a witty British man of 25, to name a couple of reasons to date and marry a Russian woman.

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YOU will read women's messages and choose those, whom you like. Russian dating is a fast growing trend among single men from USA, Canada, Western Europe, Australia, and many other countries.

While she respects a manhood in her husband, she requires and deserves as much respect of her womanhood in return from him. I am sure there are some very family-oriented American women, and there are some Russian women that put the highest priority on their career, rather than their families, and think that "all guys are pigs" (such women are usually called "americanized", so the term speaks for itself) Russian woman is a giver as opposed to her rather mercenary foreign counterparts.

She lavishes love, attention, care, and appreciation on her husband.

What is it exactly Russian woman has that others lack?

The major part of this colossal appeal is in the fact that Russian woman is feminine.

It is this genuine generosity that makes you want to be with her, care for her forever, and never let her go.

Celebrated beauty of Russian women is a whole separate subject of discussion (or praise rather).

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