VERA LYNNVera Lynn 100 (Decca)With Dame Vera celebrating her 100th birthday on Monday, this adds fresh orchestrations to well-loved songs.

Tinkering with treasured memories isn’t usually advisable, but the sensitivity here does the Forces’ Sweetheart proud.

KELSEA BALLERINIThe First Time (Sony)Ballerini is being billed as the heir to Taylor Swift and it’s easy to see why.

The Sheffield Soul Shouter was a husky hero of the classic rock era, and this posthumous collection features With A Little Help From My Friends, Delta Lady and Up Where We Belong.

There are rousing moments from 2012’s Fire It Up, plus a mellow take on Allen Toussaint’s Performance that shows he could be tender as well as tough.

It isn’t concerning her, apparently: she told the , in an exclusive interview, that she feels great in every respect. When we get our celebrity dating binoculars on, there’s very little that Free And Single doesn’t see.

The landscape of our biggest personalities is vast, glitzy, and strewn with conjecture, but that’s why you come back to us – for the best dating news around!

Buckle in for a steely return to singledom, and a handful of flourishing romances.

Now that winter has cleared off, we’re hoping for more celebrity dating news as the spring air tempts out their romantic side…Never fear, though – absence makes the heart grow fonder, as they say!We’re bursting to give you the lowdown on official and rumoured couplings between the rich and famous.She is now linked to ex-New York Yankees player, Alex Rodriguez and they look like a great match! a source said "it's very very new" and that 'It's not serious at all. Artist Jirka Vinse has brought the likes of Aladdin, Tarzan and Prince Charming to life with realistic paintings, and we can't believe how HOT they are! It’s been a while since we donned our forensic gloves and got to the business of who’s seeing who in celeb land.Oh What A Night is tackled with poise, but Send In The Clowns and That’s Life are blunted by familiarity.