Understandably, there is significant gray area here, so when in doubt, ask yourself, “What would 50 do?” Note: this rule applies to new relationships, small arguments, and drug deals. After his recovery, he began rapping again and made low-budget recordings with his friends Lloyd Banks and Tony Yayo, as a crew called G-Unit.

His single mother worked as a drug dealer and was murdered when Jackson was only 8 years old; after her death, he was raised by his grandparents.

He had boyhood aspirations to be a boxer, but he began selling drugs when he was a teenager. Jay was impressed by 50 Cent's rapping ability and produced an album for him; however, it was never released.

"My friends all loved him, my friends fell in love with him," she said.

And that includes her Hollywood BFFs Reese and Jen."They loved that I was dating him.

50 clearly values critical thinking skills; after all, they not only helped launch his G-Unit brand, but they render him a sound provider of advice and opinions.

Whether you need help thinking through a major career move, deciding on graduate school programs or a dinner party seating arrangement, 50 understands you need someone credible in your corner.

50 Cent also founded the successful SMS Audio headphones line, and scored prominent roles in the films in 2014.

However, legal and financial problems mounted when he was sued by a girlfriend of rival hip-hop artist Rick Ross for releasing a sex tape without her permission.

Plus: 10 Reasons to Date Someone in the Arts He is dedicated to self control and the concept of “taking it slow.” He understands that deep, meaningful relationships need time to grow.