Jose Luis Curiel Marchena was born August 23, 1964 in Ensenada, Mexico. NATIONAL GASTROENTEROLOGY WEEK NOVEMBER 17TH – 23RD OF 2001.

He studied medicine in the University of Guadalajara and specialized in General Surgery in Mexico City. VILLAHERMOSA, TABASCO MEXICAN ASSOCIATION OF ENDOSCOPY.

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According to the 2010 census, the Tijuana metropolitan area was the fifth-largest in Mexico, with a population of 1,784,034.

The international metropolitan region was estimated to be just over five million in 2009 and approximately 5,105,769 in 2010, making it the third largest metropolitan area in the Californias, 19th largest metropolitan area in the Americas and the largest bi-national conurbation that is shared between US and Mexico.

He has also performed the laparoscopic gastric bypass and duodenal switch since 2009.

"After performing these kinds of surgeries, I realized that I must offer my patients a less invasive surgery for the treatment of morbid obesity. INSTITUTO MEXICANO DEL SEGURO SOCIAL (1989-1992) 3 YEARS ROTATION OF HOSPITALS DURING SPECIALTY TRAINING: XI INTERNATIONAL CONGRESS OF GENERAL SURGERY.

While working the case, Brenda gets some worrying news about the future of her division.

Tijuana is the largest city on the Baja California Peninsula and center of the Tijuana metropolitan area, part of the international San Diego–Tijuana metropolitan area.Tijuana exerts a strong regional influence on economics, education, culture, art, and politics.Second only to New York City, Tijuana is the most visited city in the western hemisphere.It is estimated that the two border crossing stations in Tijuana account for 300,000 daily border crossings from Greater San Diego.Tijuana traces its modern history to the arrival of Spanish explorers in the 1500s mapping the coast of the Californias.On the Gold Coast of the Baja California Peninsula, Tijuana is the municipal seat and cultural and commercial center of Tijuana Municipality; one of the five municipalities into which the state is divided..