My Dead Boyfriend is about a girl discovering way too much about the deceased boyfriend he totes around in a cremation urn everywhere she goes!

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What's really exciting to me about Sandra's work is that it changes your life,...

Diz (Joel Courtney) is a reckless teenage drifter living life on the run.

She has also had supporting roles in FX's Rescue Me and HBO's How to Make It in America.

Gershon attended Beverly Hills High School and started acting at the age of 14.

Gershon (born June 10, 1962) is an American film, television and stage actress, singer and author.

She is known for her roles in the films Cocktail (1988), Showgirls (1995), Bound (1996), Face/Off (1997), The Insider (1999), Demonlover (2002), P. I Love You (2007), Five Minarets in New York (2010), Killer Joe (2011) and House of Versace (2013).

See full summary ยป Mary's life has been defined by a string of temp jobs and a half-hearted attempt to become a writer, but all that changes when she comes home to find her couch potato boyfriend dead in front of the TV set.

A lighthearted comedy about a young girl discovering the very colorful past of her so-so dead boyfriend. It's not a big belly laugh comedy but the script and the acting keep the pace in a semi dark comedy mood.

He even opened the Dedon Island Resort on the island of Siargao where his furniture is displayed and outdoor activity is emphasized. As far as his personal life goes, he started dating Gershon around 2012, two years after his wife died.

While on a business trip to the Philippines in 2010, Dekeyser received the news that his wife of two decades, Ann-Kathrin, was in a coma back in Germany. This tragedy serves as the opening to his highly successful autobiography.

Because he made a wrong call ten years earlier that cost him his ...