I think I just love the dress up part the most lol.Create a short description of your app: Here you should write two or three sentences about how great your app is.This will be one of my first games that I've tried of this style and I'm very excited because it not only has the dating element but also has a lovely storyline, multiplayer, side games, and the dress up interactive factor.

So I want to see like a way for it to show you how to do the certain interaction and a way to switch between the lvls of it.

The last complaint is translations for again the dating part.

In Dress Up Diary, you can interact with your partner!

•Design your personal private closet•Collect and create clothes to put in your very own private closet!

This game will take you back to the feeling of your first love. •The best miraculous journey you’ve ever experienced•In the game, you will find yourself in a different town, and as you progress, you’ll discover the different stories of each place.

Be a princess who wears the most sophisticated clothes, because you deserve to be loved! Open the first page of your diary and write it down with the best themed-style you can come up with! •Encounter your very own first love•Wear couple shirts with your partner? Enjoy the perfection of each detail in each outfit and accessories; all features exist to please you!

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The only disappointment I have is that the story line makes no sense and the ridiculous amount of items needed to create clothes.