However Im a skinny white boy and I met my current sexy black girlfriend in Toronto.

Walking around even in Toronto we got dirty looks, mostly from black guys but we just laughed it off.

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depends on where you are livin in the city (downtown vs.

east end vs west end, ect), there are a lot of white/fillipino guys who would drop to the ground to date some black girls (but truth be told, some of these boys look as the ghetto type, probably looking for thier ghetto girl..

They shack up with young white welfare mothers..thinking it is a step up from black girls in the projects.

They are not from down town - they are there because it is a hang out area for the poor and for criminals.

I don't believe most people are racially against dating a black woman but they just need an opportunity to get to know you and you need to seek out these opportunities. This is this social stigma regarding black women and Asian men.

You see black male date women of other races, and Asian women dating men of other races all the time, but seldom black women dating men of other races, or Asian men dating women of other races.

The black males you see are those from the west and east ends of the city.most of us consider the projects.

These black men are not the cream of black society..

It does happen but much less frequent.i'm a black profession and i've had no trouble having guys of all different races hit on me.