Also has an annoying Link Validator, which is supposed to prevent phishing yet blocks too many links in chats.

Note: The official chat groups of xat can be found here.

If you are making a chat group to attract others, then you may want to consider making your chat group a bit attractive.

"Your name" Used to personalize the "Activation required" and "Moderator report" emails. "Tags" Used for search engines etc., example if your chat was about board games, you could make tags like chess, checkers, connect 4, etc. It's required to activate the group, and to give you your password if you happen to forget it.

E-mail address cannot be changed after, so make sure you insert a valid and permanent one.

Entre els usuaris de xat, és comú que la gent escrigui sota pseudònims o àlies anomenats nicks.

Entre els usuaris d'aquest tipus de mitjans destaquen els usuaris que en xats, fòrums i altres mitjans escriuen utilitzant un llenguatge saturat de paraules molt curtes (short words), simplificant paraules i en general sense respectar les regles d'ortografia.

If you already have an chatbox on your site, you can turn that into a group and keep ALL of your settings, moderators, owners, etc. Just click make a group, and fill out the information (see below). For example, if you type Lobby, your link will be "Group description" Appears under your group name on the groups list, and on the chat link.

Unfortunately, you are no longer able to convert a chatbox into a group. You must fill out the information on the group creation page. "Password" Your password is something only YOU know, so make it complicated (yet something you'd remember), so you can edit your chat group at any time.

El vídeoxat no és més que una evolució barreja entre la videoconferència i el xat tradicional, dotant a l'usuari de tres maneres de comunicar-se sobre el mateix canal.