David Gerard: should Scissor Sisters David Gerard: or to Tribadism ?* David Gerard increases the gratuitous sexual content of wikipedia St-Lemur: To the band. David Gerard: St-Lemur: bah, you people and your principle of least surprise Rob Church: Scissor Sisters are a useless waste of space. more fun: Scissor Sister capitalised should go to the band.


David Gerard: should Scissor sisters redirect to David Gerard: Scissor Sisters David Gerard: or to Tribadism ?


Gazpacho slaps maru around with some *HATE SPEECH* Maru-the-sandman supports free speech, even when it is used against him! David Gerard: SERVES YOU RIGHT YOU ANON SOCKPUPPET TROLL mindspillage: There is no rule against disrupting #wikipedia to prove a point!

Gazpacho slaps Ally Union around with some *HATE SPEECH* % Work. % elephantus: Are there any articles on the English Wikipedia written in African American Vernacular (aka Ebonics)?

The souls of the dead encyclopedias attached to humans living on Earth. * geogre is a mystery wrapped in an enigma * Project2501a throws some discrete analysis at mindspillage * Seth Ilys is still hungry, and should get some dinner. * Elizzon wonders where Tubbie went * geogre is Papa Doc * mindspillage is large, she contains multitudes * Tubbie is on Elizzon's head * In Shaneee is the source of kmccoy's trouble. % * Evil Monkey is pleased he managed to get the word fuck into Apollo 15 R_Lee_E: "they did everything but fuck that rock" R_Lee_E :nice Seth Ilys : Evil Monkey: Where?

the "Wikipedia" project is actually an attempt to remove those thetan-articles from people (regular Wikipedians are not told this story until they have reached advanced Sysop level) % Your thirst for blood would be exceeded only by your invulnerability to bullets. * Lubaf is not mentioned in any song, ode, or poem. * Ben_Babcock loves the wonderful power of print style sheets. Evil Monkey :"In A Man on the Moon Andrew Chaikin writes that Dale Jackson of USGS was having dinner with some astronauts that night in Houston and happily proclaimed that "they did everything but fuck that rock"." Raul654: Did you see those guys today?

(telsa) Jacen: it's impossible to look at any animal in Australia normally anyway. * Seth Ilys sings "I Am Going to the Lordy..." * geogre is the Apollo astronauts, all of them. * geogre is Spartacus * Elizzon Spartacus * geogre cut the cheese * Lubaf isn't Spartacus, he's only Sparticas. * bishonen sighs * Elizzon sighs * geogre is Professor Honeydew * Lubaf is Judge Crator. * geogre is Quinn the Eskimo * Lubaf is Nannuck of the North. * In Shaneee is Macho Man Randy Savage * Elizzon is aparently a meatball * Lubaf is the Million Dollar Man. % * Snowspinner goes to do Special: Newpages patrol because he likes leaving delete comments.

* Vague_Rant says, "Oh shit, recursion." * Luigi30 went to St. * Elizzon is Pelé * Luigi30 is Ronaldo * geogre is Kilroy * Seth Ilys is Xenu. i'm assuming he's typing a complaint entirely using his forehead against the keyboard % As Jimbo so wonderfully put it, this is a game of Calvinball, and the Wikipedia is Calvin.

Of course you know it’s a bad idea to mention anything food related around me, especially cake… This might be the only opportunity you will have, to make “pork and beans” in your nylons! I do also have a pantyhose fetish for having my ass, pussy, and feet, licked and sucked through a sexy pair of pantyhose.

But for this particular challenge it’s going to be all about YOU wearing and filling a pair of fine hosiery with beans.

I’ve also been meaning to post about a topic that has been heavy on my mind, thanks to my sissy fifi: Sploshing pantyhose.

Back in November, Fifi – who is a proper slutwhore – put some black pantyhose on and then proceeded to smash a store bought cherry cheesecake into them. Which got me to thinking: What else could I stuff in fifi’s pantyhose? You know I am always so focused on dessert treats, like sploshing with wedding cake – that I have majorly overlooked all the other yummy, squishy foods there are to splosh with. I don’t care if they’re homemade, or canned, I am looking for some naughty sluts to get on cam and wear a pair of pantyhose, and fill them with baked beans.

(ANd I thought the musical settings sucked, too.) SO I paid the value of the book to the library.