I expected to feel short-changed by this recursive structure, but in a series all about the art of killing, the addition of three extra playable characters in this new-gen Special Edition adds a bit of spice.What’s more, the ferocious combat system - now running at an immediate and satisfying 60 FPS - ensures makes the re-release is somewhat worthwhile in spite of some tedious, outdated level design.It's tricky, but a great high-level technique if you can master it.

According to the post, it only reads that "Somebody Left The [Hell] Gate Open..." But somehow, we don't know if that post explains it all why Vergil returns.

And we don't know for sure if why Vergil, despite that he was being killed by Dante, was returned via on the hell gate and what is his main mission.

But whatever the story is, including the biggest mystery why Vergil's Yamato was on the hands of The Order of the Sword, we still need to wait for this game to release to uncover all these mysteries ourselves. As Vergil, after 10 years since the release of Devil May Cry 3 and the Special Edition, marks his return in DMC4: SE is going to be a big comeback.

Alongside there is Dante's assistants, Trish and Lady and of course, the twin brother of Vergil, Dante with his speculated Son, Nero.

Now, let's hope that after the release of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition, we must wait if CAPCOM can return the original roots that it was meant to be before.

And Let us hope that there will be DEVIL MAY CRY 5 to come...Don't expect any visual upgrades beyond the slicker framerate and a move to 1080p.A port town, a jungle and a handful of gloomy castles provide meagre scenic variety, and by modern standards seem sparse and flatly textured. Ladies and Gents, the road to the release of Devil May Cry 4: Special Edition is here and it was now being revealed just recently on the trailer with more twists that is only on XBox ONE, PC and PS4. Because These Are Following Reasons why DMC4 is a must awaited Remake of all time: But wait!There's more, there was a link from the fan page of Dan Southworth in Facebook that reveals why Vergil was there in DMC4: SE and still alive.Yet despite Crapcom doing that (adding the DMC4 SE trailer at the tail end of the apology edition trailer) it backfired horribly as DMC4 SE ended up selling way more copies in the end while the apology edition bombed.