Naked selfies are not a phenomenon specific to the male sex.

However, the unsolicited and random distribution of them on dating sites largely is.

In October, Viacom plus Lighthearted Entertainment and Firelight Entertainment moved to have the case dismissed, claiming Nizewitz violated her contract by suing.

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Matthew Blit of the NYC offices of Levine & Blit, PLLC represented Nizewitz.

Elizabeth Mc Namara of NYC firm Davis Wright Tremaine LLP and Edward H.

These activities definitely have entertainment value: in the first episode one contestant uses his penis as a paint brush. Here's the premise: two contestants, a guy and a girl, come to an exotic locale and go on three dates with three different people, naked.

(One of the dates is with each other.) In between the dates, the contestants and their suitors hang out in the Jungle Villa, where clothes are optional and beds are abundant, encouraging the contestants to just do the already.

In the sphere of dating the expectation still lies with the man to make the first move, women can be successful but can't make "the first move".

Furthermore women on dating apps are sent unsolicited photos of men's anatomies everyday ("crotch shots" as Wolfe terms them).In the mid-aughts, when all of the obvious reality TV show premises were snatched up — survive in the wild, pick a mate from many potential suitors, be the best model, chef, housewife — channels began to test the boundaries of the genre with shows like doesn't even bother to try to have noble goals: it's just about real estate brokers in a nudist community.) In an era where one-third of married couples meet online and a person can hide behind old, blurry profile pictures, the idea of seeing a potential match's true self all at once has a certain appeal: once the physical stuff is out of the way, you can doesn't ask its contestants to strip down, then cover back up, then go on their date.It forces them to do activities — ranging from boogie boarding to body painting to running around in an inflatable ball — naked.Claiming to have a million users worldwide it is also a solution that many men clearly want to be seen using and, as a result, Bumble perfectly demonstrates how female values are sweeping through our court for some big bucks for showing too much of her skin, the reality show contestant’s case has been left in its own birthday suit.If feminism is about gender equality it's unclear how placing restrictions on one gender achieves this.