Click on the name of your class to open your class homepage.

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Each datetime class provides simple easy methods to access the datetime fields.

For example, to access the month you can use: All the main datetime classes are immutable (like String) and cannot be changed after creation.

You can view your class enrollment password at any time by clicking the edit icon to the right of your class.

You should distribute your to your students so that they can enroll in your class and submit their papers.

On the paper submission page, enter the paper's title and select the author's name from the author pulldown menu for enrolled students.

Users have a choice to upload a file from: the computer, Dropbox, or Google Drive.

However, simple methods have been provided to alter field values in a newly created object.

For example, to set the year, or add 2 hours you can use: In addition to the basic get methods, each datetime class provides property methods for each field.

The class enrollment password is the password your students will use to enroll in your class.

Pick a password that is easy for your students to remember and that contains all lowercase letters. When a class expires students can no longer submit papers or enroll in the class. If you want your class to last longer or shorter, you can change the end date. The class will now appear in your class list beneath your account.

To begin you need to register with Turnitin and create a user profile.