"There's a level of intimacy and honesty in a shelf-shot photo.

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'' There are millions of experiments essentially happening on our site every day." Yagan and his colleagues catalogued more than 7,000 profile photographs from Ok Cupid.com, looking at facial attitude, such as whether the person is smiling; context of photo, such as whether the image was taken outdoors or in a bedroom; and how much skin is bared.

Pictures came from those ages 18 to 32 who lived in big cities.

"If you're looking straight at a camera for a male, that can be intimidating to a woman," Yagan said.

"But if someone is looking off past you that can, in many ways, be less threatening and more approachable." For the ladies, while a smile isn't a turn-off, the results suggested she should look straight at the camera with a pouty-face smile.

And in fact women seem to be in the know, as they smile almost twice as often as men and make that flirty face four times as often.

That advice seemed solid, as cell-phone and webcams take low-end photos.Guys hoping to get noticed on online dating sites should take off their shirts, at least those with six-pack abs, according to new survey results by one online matchmaker that also provide advice for gals' profile pics."We were sitting on a treasure trove of data," said Sam Yagan, co-founder and CEO of Ok Cupid."Dating is dating whether it happens online or offline." But in terms of the details on these profile pics, Yagan and his team bust four myths: Not if you're a guy.Photos in which men were looking away from the camera and not smiling had the most success in getting messages from possible dates."And there's something very spontaneous about it." "The 'ab shot' actually does quite well," Yagan said.