What is my business is that writers who spent two-plus seasons conspiring to keep the show's two main characters apart and yet still called it "a love story for the ages" were ready to keep going for an additional season completely without half of that love story.

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I don't care about the circumstances surrounding Katic's exit.

If there was behind-the-scenes whatever, it's none of my business here.

Their joint chemistry, which in my opinion never required they become a romantic couple, was there when they were bickering co-workers brought together by Castle's persistence and it was there when they were friends and productive co-workers.

Nathan Fillion entered the series as the guy with the cult fandom and the crazed devotees, but it was clear from very early on that Stana Katic was, at least in this context, entirely his equal.

It's like I've always said when people have called one of the worst finales ever: To me, that finale was just the continuation and climax of a four- or five-year decline.

A bad finale squanders good will and, in ending the series, makes a shocking deviation into badness to impose a culmination.Castle believed in all sorts of wacky things and every case was his favorite case ever.Beckett didn't believe in any of those things, but she cared enough about Castle to encourage him.But everything did this year, from the contrivances to keep Beckett and Castle apart to the ongoing mystery with Lok Sat to the utterly one-dimensional and pointless new sidekick Vikram, was handled with equal degrees of clumsiness.You could have given the writers five weeks' warning and maybe they would have added a different storybeat or two, but they couldn't have fixed that finale.And if the resolution to the crime didn't turn out to involve vampires, Satan or black-helicopter government conspiracies, Beckett was never smug and Castle always contributed enough that he was never sullen.