Realising they were short-handed, the head of operations asked if I could help take the girls, accompanied by a policewoman, back to the station. We bundled the girls in the back seat of an unmarked police car and headed for the station. I cannot say I was surprised by their responses: Parents are divorced; family has financial problems; mother works long shifts; the only adult at home is a frail grandmother; no one cares if they go to school or not; these men provide them the money and attention they crave etc.

It was during the 20-minute ride that I managed to have a chat with these girls aged, if I remember correctly around 15 and 16 years. At one point the policewoman looked to me and said judging from the girls’ answers, it seemed that some of the guys they arrested are going to have an added charge of statutory rape.

That’s why first we adults need to be comfortable talking about it and dealing with it.

Sex chat with malaysian girl-24

AGE journalists who went undercover for these meetings. AGE compiled material that included obscene images, inappropriate messages and hidden camera footage of the undercover journalists at work.

Malaysia does not have laws against "sexual grooming", which refers to the process of gaining a child's trust for future sexual exploitation, even though statistics show it has been on the rise.

We followed the police on an operation to nab a Mat Rempit motorcycle theft syndicate.

A chase led the cops to a house in Selayang and over 20 motorcycles, some illegally modified to be used in races and others suspected stolen.

The cops arrested several men in the house and also came across three underaged girls.

Now these motorcycles needed to be taken back to the Jalan Bandar Traffic Police Headquarters; and the dozen or so arrested youths and men needed to be accompanied to the police station and processed. Their answers were at first monosyllabic, they became chattier when the policewoman asked them to answer my queries as she also wanted to know the answers.Mobile chat apps like We Chat and Bee Talk are the main tools for sex predators in Malaysia, based on Bukit Aman's statistics.Since 2015, a whopping 80 per cent of reported rape cases involved sex predators who started out online. AGE confronted one such predator, who was propositioning the undercover journalist on We Chat and sending photos of his penis."It's a numbers game," said the 28-year-old postgraduate student who is a self-confessed sex addict."On We Chat, you can search for people nearby, and filter them based on gender.Sometimes you end up not just observing and reporting the events but also being actively involved in them.The resurrection of the debate about teenage sex following reports of a 14-year-old girl in Malacca who had multiple partners reminds me of one night in 1997.With 20 years of journalism behind him, he has received numerous awards for investigative reporting and public service journalism notably from the Malaysian Press Institute (MPI) and the Society of Publishers Asia (SOPA). Nothing much happened between midnight and 8am, meaning I had the whole office to myself and the time needed to finish pending stories without distractions.