Once Rodgers declared he was not gay, there was nothing left to be said.

Rogers tv dating 201 video

Lanflisi's tweets about Rodgers were bitter and accused him of being selfish, among other things.

Even though there was zero reference to them having a romantic relationship, many websites posted about them, speculating that this was two boyfriends breaking up.

Munn talked about their sex life and the cute Instagram videos were released, timed just prior to the start of this season.

Then, last week, Sports Illustrated ran its lengthy cover story, "Who is Aaron Rodgers? Athletes such as Troy Aikman, Kordell Stewart, Mike Piazza and Jeff Garcia all at one time had rumors about them being gay.

It was the kind of stuff seen on gossip sites all the time, thinly sourced and yet titillating.

Outsports did not write about this since it was all speculation based on appearances and innuendo.

Rodgers is the same person who said in that 2013 radio interview that "professional is professional and personal is personal and that's how I am going to keep it." That all changed after he denied the rumors and started dating Munn.

After he won the 2014 NFL MVP award, the first person he thanked was Munn, saying, "there's no one I would rather spend every day of the journey with than you babe." So much for keeping his personal and professional lives separate; he intertwined them on national TV as the camera showed Munn in the crowd.

That last sentence was deliberately provocative because it's something that has bugged Cyd and me since Outsports started covering LGBT athletes.