As long as that's a year, or fixed, contract, there's nothing to worry about in my eyes. Should a problem occur there still is the possibility to appeal.

Worlds of big differences, influences and interests miles and worlds apart .

I was starting to wonder, was I ever present in your heart . I told you, I am in love with you, and that mistake can never be undone . One moment I was finding myself in heaven, but suddenly it felt just like hell .

They make a one sentence answer and ask new questions.

If you ask them to write sms, e-mail or another form of communication that is free, they will always find excuses along the same pattern (privacy, or I have to stay on the site, or one should lend them a phone because they don't have one).

I dreamt of you every night, And when I would wake up, The reality came back to me, And I felt the pain again.

But I just want you to know, That I loved you and still do.

There are three reviews on the website- All these and my personal research indicated that this website is scam. Women will always respond in a matter of minutes (Can you believe that!

The male profiles are real but the females are fake (it would suffice to look at the pictures to see this - the men are mostly regular guys and most of the women that are there and write you look like top models that supposedly would like to jump into bed with you because they are so horny). No real girls would always respond you immediately).

Believe me, all of the around 30 women wrote one of these excuses.

They will offer to meet but you will never see one - because they are not real (one guy from the rating above spend more than 6 weeks and 600 euros to find that out). A friend of mine created a female profile (without picture), and she had 25 straight women look at her profile (and no men).

You made me complete And I cant remember being so happy, ever. But than that moment came, A last kiss, Some last sweet words. I couldnt feel anymore, If I didnt had you what was the point of it all? You changed, I changed All hope is gone I never knew how hard I could cry until now Ive never cried so much in my live You are special to me and you always will be.