It was powerfully augmented by refugee Sephardim at the end of the fifteen century.

The city of Salonika was a notable center of Jewish erudition.

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The three roads ( ..which the reviewer takes the baby-step from shameless self-promotion to shameless nepotism...

Among the most enjoyable books of the past year have been two that have given me a special satisfaction.

The title for the book was chosen before ‘Guantanamo’ became a dirty word.

But let's hope that the recently gained infamy of the place-name “Guantanamo” will not be detrimental to sales.

For the most part Greek Jews were regarded as Jews in Greece, and as Greeks outside Greece.

In sites of mass heterogeneous Jewish habitation outside Greece – in Palestine/Israel and in the USA – no ‘hyphenated identities’ existed, and the Greek Jews were and are simply Greeks.

One is a travel book: (Princeton University Press). For example, Commons Books in an imprint of the newish publishing house Greek Works, so that there is an Hellenic connection of sorts.

But more impressively, the surname of the authors is the same.

The medieval doctors divided the seven arts into two grouping of three and four--the trivium and the quadrivium.

The Latin phrases reflected in these terms meant respectively the "three roads" and the "four roads".

As a general rule, a travel writer's authority grows in direct proportion to the amount of labor invested in the project.