Darum wollten wir mit sehr unterschiedlichen Akteur_innen sprechen und ihnen zuhören, wenn sie miteinander sprechen: Aktivist_innen und Refugees, Rassisierte und Weiße, Männer und Frauen, die alle Formen der Gewalt an ihren eigenen Körpern zu spüren bekommen haben. ▸▸▸ Introducing the Conference on Self-Government and Municipalism in Aragón: following what started at the #Mac Uno1 meeting, this conference is being planned as a space of movements, of people who, bearing in mind the institutional while not reducing all of politics to it, wish to continue developing and strengthening the #municipalist challenge.

▸▸▸ At the end of the year 2008 the global economy collapsed.

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▸▸▸ The autonomous factory Rog is under threat of being evicted and destroyed by the municipal authorities which are pursuing their project of renovating the area into a centre for creative industries.

▸▸▸ Networks of protest and dissent, actual and virtual, were understood to have become increasingly centreless and leaderless across the 1990s, and beyond.

C’est pourquoi nous avons voulu écouter débattre avec nous et entre eux des acteurs très différents : des militants et des réfugiés, des racisés et des blancs, des hommes et des femmes, dont le point commun est d’abord d’avoir expérimenté dans leurs corps ces formes de violence. ▸▸▸ Commemorating the first anniversary of the day on which north east Japan was struck by a threefold disaster, “The Wall Street Journal” released an online article on the 10 March 2012 entitled “March 11, One Year On: Occupy METI”.

---- Die Polizeigewalt entspringt einer kollektiven Erfahrung, die nur durch kollektive Intelligenz erhellt werden kann. At the beginning, the journalist Obe Mitsuru describes a scene, in which a “shaky tent”, decorated with colorful placards and banners demanding Japan’s withdrawal from the nuclear energy program, stands on the corner in front of the comparatively mighty Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in Kasumigaseki, the administrative district in Tôkyô.

The perfect machine of neoliberal ideology is falling to bits because it was based on the flawed assumption that soul can be reduced to mere rationality.

The dark side of the soul, fear, anxiety, panic and depression has finally surfaced after looming for a decade in the shadow of the much-touted victory and promised eternity of capitalism.

▸▸▸ In recent years, institutions of education have been transformed through an upsurge of policies and reforms.

While such reforms have historically developed along various trajectories, more recent reforms have chiefly been advanced by two major aims.

It’s hard to say what will happen next, but it’s easy to guess that the recession is not going to go away anytime soon.

The collapse of the global economy can be read as the comeback of the soul.

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