In the initial stages of dating a woman’s emotions are very high and as a result judgment becomes slightly impaired.

Taking a few days to communicate via e-mail and on the phone allows women to interact with men to get a sense of who they are and how they carry themselves.

This one is more decent than Plenty of Fish, as there are actually really smart, successful men who use it.

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A good profile is written in a conversational tone and expresses who a woman is and what she is looking for from a man.

Another great tip is to include those qualities and characteristics that a woman is not looking for.

Here are 3 important steps for online dating success There are currently 40 million single Americans searching the internet & online dating sites looking for love.

A recent study reveals that up to 10 percent of the individuals on these websites intentionally lie and misrepresent themselves.

Many bad relationships can be avoided by communicating a few times before the first date.

These 3 online dating tips are necessary for any woman who is currently using this method of dating.

Actually, from what I gathered, this app is all about the narcissistic tendencies and pride that most its users possess.

Tinder is pretty much a rating app that bases opinions on looks and looks alone.

A good profile is written in a way that attracts the types of guys a woman is looking for and scares away those who she is not interested in.

Step 3: Communicate a Few Times Before Going on a Date – A common mistake many women make is to moving too fast.

This site is free and pretty much has no kind of filter WHATSOEVER.