In fact, she went as far as to say that he's completely innocent."I think people need to know that Jerry is not guilty," she said in the pre-recorded interview.

"I'm not saying the accusers lied but I'm saying I don't believe their stories because there is evidence that cannot be let out at this time that their stories are not true."She also claimed that lawyers are to blame for all of the accusations made against her husband."I think it was, [Sandusky's victims] were manipulated, and they saw money," she said. And I know he did not do the horrible crimes he's been convicted of."It was quite an interview.

"Once lawyers came into the case, they said there was money."And she finished up by answering all of her critics out there who have given her grief for not leaving Sandusky in light of what he did."I'm not a weak spouse," she said. And as you might expect, people—specifically, people on Twitter—did respond well to it.

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On So You Think You Can Dance, he was paired up with Katee Shean, Courtney Galiano, Chelsie Hightower, and Stephen "t Witch" Boss.

Along with Katee, he made the final four without an appearance in the Bottom 3 couples or Bottom 4 contestants.

Johnson had a backup role on the hit film High School Musical as one of the skater dancers in the "Stick To The Status Quo" scene.

On the first episode of the show, Johnson was paired up with b-boy Dominic Sandoval, and they remained partners for five weeks.

She was born in the Netherlands, lived nine years in Germany, and after that, nine years in Utah.

She now lives in New York while pursuing her dancing career.

Joshua has also been featured as a dancer on numerous TV shows, including Community and American Horror Story.

In July 2016, Allen was indicted for felony assault of his girlfriend and assault with a deadly weapon.

Since winning season 2, lively swing dancer Benji Schwimmer has partnered with his cousin Heidi (also on season 2) to create instructional videos for swing dancing.

He was featured in Christina Aguilera’s “Candyland” music video.

He had originally auditioned in Dallas, Texas with his friend and fellow contestant, Comfort Fedoke.