He's the air that I breathe I can't live without him. I struggled to get my bath salt from underneath the sink, placing it over the counter and turning the shower knobs to a warm temperature. The reason for this one being because I protected my little sister Khloe from any worse torture she was being given.

Poor little girl was brought into this world not knowing what kind of parents she was cursed with.

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They have millions of fans, tons of money, friends, and they get to do what they love. Justin had been been bothering Selena about this for weeks now. Laughter and chatter filled the cold winter air as endless crowds of people walked past me and through the front door.

Suddenly, the dream becomes a nightmare when Selena discovers she is pregnant with Justin Bieber.2009: It all started with Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber, the spotlight couple of the century. Ever since they discussed their one year anniversary and how Justin wanted to do something “big” and “jaw dropping” to celebrate. ” Selena said “I would die for you, Justin.” “Then you would do this too.” he said. Snowflakes fell in flurries and stuck to the streets, making London look breathtaking. "I will." I answered with a nod, even though I knew he couldn't see me.

A new gift from god has been placed into the lives of two new parents and two new god parents.

The doctors take the newborn to get cleaned up and to make sure she is healthy.

Some habits are hard to break, though, as I am still at the top of my class, with a GPA above 4.0, as well as play defensive back for the school’s girls soccer team. There I stood completely covered in bruises and cuts along with the other smaller handful of scars from over the years.

I went from a typical nerd to what my classmates refer to as, “The Nerdy Athlete,” thanks to my best friend Noelle, who ..."He was my first kiss, first date, first time, first love. I examined each new one I had so called ‘deserved’ tracing over them lightly not wanting to hurt myself even more. Evening, noon, and night I was always on alert for the next one.Today, I no longer have braces, even though my teeth are not perfect. I learned how to control my acne, and I only use make-up on rare occasions, except for eyeliner. A criminal that stole my heart."Lucinda Montgomery “Ow.” I crooked quietly removing my hand from my face.My mom let me get contacts before ninth grade, allowing me to leave my glasses at home. I stood in front of the mirror doing nothing but stare at the unnoticeable reflection that stared right back at me.They had been dating for one year now, and Justin wanted to get more serious. At some point, Justin decided that this was the best way. Selena thought for a minute, “Yeah, you're right.” she sighed, still unsure in her heart.(three months later)Selena stared at those two faint lines, tears were running down her cheeks and onto her lap. "I'm sorry I couldn't come." He said with a prominent frown in his voice.I can't be a mom she thought I'm only 17, Justin is only 15, he will hate me foreve... 1 The Beginning In one moment your life can change. I looked over at the annoying clock and realized it was a.m. "I didn't realize that the boys and I had to record tonight." "Its okay." I assured quickly.He grew even more irritated, though, when the girl spun around to see who it was, and Sasuke managed to brush his lips against her forehead, making her cheeks turn a light pink in response. Not only was it the holiday season and every boy in the school wanted to give [Name] a special gift – the gift of being her first kiss – but in general, she was such a beautiful girl, and they all wanted her to be theirs. The rest of the class swarmed in like wild animals including my best friend, Selena. " Carrie asked as she came into the brightly lit living room pulling a red roller suitcase behind her.