But for all the glamour, there was also a dark side to Carré’s life.

In her 2011 memoir, she recounted how, when she was just 17, her manager and the boss of Elite models in Paris Gérald Marie raped her.

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I was told to suck it up and take it as a learning lesson.

Sometimes I wasn’t paid because the agency felt I owed them — debts from test shoots, portfolio expenses and hotel rooms.” “With the exception of a few jobs, there was very little jet-setting,” she continued.

“For much of my career I flew coach and when I arrived I was often greeted by, simply put, an asshole, who told me I was too fat, too bloated and too red-eyed to work that day. ’ So leap like a fawn I did, even though I was really just a tired, homesick, hungry girl who wished she could go to the Eiffel Tower or enjoy a croissant at the cafe without calculating calories.” It was what was expected of her.

I mostly stayed in dank hotels with multiple model-roommates. “I continued, for example, to endure sexual harassment without realizing it didn’t have to be a job requirement.

“Today, thankfully, my happiness has nothing to do with my weight or feedback from others,” she said. The notion that perfection can be achieved is a lie we are told and a lie we tell ourselves.

1990 - 1998Carre Otis was married to Mickey Rourke.

And to stave off hunger, I went through a few packs of cigarettes daily. And all energy boosts were welcome because my body was perpetually fatigued from little to no sleep, over-exercised muscles, starvation and the relentless stream of criticisms inside my own head. One morning, I was sent to the emergency room with heart palpitations and an irregular heartbeat — a culmination of 20 years of starvation.

Turns out I’d created three holes in my heart and I needed an emergency ablation surgery. It felt, quite literally, like heartbreak.” She also debunks the so-called “glamorous lifestyle” of models, and highlights how so many models are basically nothing more than indentured servants to their agencies. In fact, some months I couldn’t pay the rent on my apartment.

In your letter you said you’d “die to look like [me]”. “Here’s the deal on my so-called ‘glamorous lifestyle,'” she writes. I got some great contracts that paid a lot but I spent money frivolously. In the earlier days, I’d often give my all on a shoot — 20 hours with no break — but wouldn’t see a dime.

If the client didn’t like my performance then, oh well, my agent didn’t hold the client responsible.

Mickey's girlfriend is Ana Makarenko." Rourke has been married twice before - he divorced Debra Feuer after eight years of marriage in 1989, before marrying Carre Otis in 1992. » Mickey Rourke is to marry for the third time - he's planning to wed his Russian girlfriend in her native country next year, according to a U. He sparked speculation the couple's relationship had stepped up by treating Kuletskaya's mum to a special day out in Los Angeles earlier this year - and now they are preparing to walk down the aisle in April, according to New York gossip column Page Six.