Not everyone can handle an ex-spouse or being with someone who has someone in their life who takes precedence over them and can’t go on a 7 day cruise because they have a toddler at home or can’t go with you to the concert because the baby has a fever. What if my daughter had a tantrum or cried the whole time? For me it included toddler plates at restaurants, car seats, impromptu meltdowns and frequent bathroom trips.

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am i too young for online dating - How to handle dating someone with a child

I was fearful that she would become attached to the person I was with.

We were dating for many months before he went out on an outing with the both of us.

The car that is cool and fun to drive now may not be the right car for a family down the road. After having a child I knew that any person I dated had to have the potential to be someone I felt safe around and saw as reliable.

While it was nice if they were easy on the eyes, I was more concerned about what they had to offer my child and me, and if we could make it past the test-driving phase. My husband and I test-drove for months before officially becoming boyfriend and girlfriend.

I let him know that I didn’t always know what I was doing but that I was doing my best.

He knew my child was my first priority and he saw firsthand how much I loved her.

What is the difference between dating and being in a relationship?

When you change the way that you look at it, the difference becomes quite clear.

Someone that was taking some of mommy’s time and attention but also giving her some extra love and attention too.

Be honest about your expectations and what you are looking for.

Oftentimes when you first date someone they show you their best self and as they get more and more comfortable you get to see another side of them that they may not have shown you before.