Welcome to the Doublejack Guesthouse Taking its name from the mining term to describe a two-man rock drilling team, the Doublejack Guesthouse is perched hillside in the heart of Old Bisbee, just southeast of Tucson, twenty minutes from Tombstone, Arizona.The guesthouse offers dramatic panoramic views of historic downtown Bisbee and Mexico.

The skull is a common symbol of the holiday and it is common for women to paint all or one-half of their face with a skull.

The half-skull painted on the face, particularly of a youthful woman, represents the brief transition between life and death.

2, and coincides with the Catholic holy days of All Saints (Nov. Families often come together over this period and preparations can be made during the entire year leading up to the Day of the Dead.

Day of the Dead is actually divided into two distinct holidays, the first being Dide los Inocentes, which is dedicated to children on Nov. The holiday blends with celebrations across several nations and cultures and draws upon traditions found in other cultures, however the holiday is largely a Mexican development.

Small parties, or wakes, can be held in conjunction with the holidays.

Celebrations can sometimes take a humorous tone, particularly if the deceased relative was known to enjoy humor.Families may carry on celebrations throughout the year, long after Day of the Dead has ended.It is common for families to maintain small, private altars at home and they may create makeshift shrines dedicated to their dearly departed.This is largely redundant with the Catholic holy day of All Souls.Day of the Dead is an occasion to pray for these departed people in purgatory.The holiday itself has multiple traditional origins, chiefly Catholic.