Sending - Getting Through to the Other Truth is sometimes elusive, however.

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We also enlist the help of our friends in this endeavor.

There are simply too many choices to make to allow every possible potential mate to be evaluated.

Nothing hurts like an intimate relationship going bad.

It is a risk that we want to take, with careful planning and the right kind of communication, we can always win.

If we want to find someone who likes to drink alcohol, then a good meeting place would be where such activities are encouraged.

If we want to find someone with the same religious beliefs as our own, imagine where such a person might be found?There is caring and concern for the other, and where sexuality is a part of the relationship, it is focused on the other more that on one's self.Intimacy and Equity - Equity means fairness, in that a person gets their fair share of rewards and costs of a relationship.Introspection and deliberation is the key to finding truth.Prior to going on the "market", and after gaining some insight into the impression we make on others, and after deciding on the level of commitment we are willing to make to achieve our relationship goals, the determined dater will have also thought about the characteristics they want in a mate - the Shopping List: First impressions are rarely accurate. By knowing oneself as well as possible, a person is able to maintain or manage impressions they give off to others.These are mental ratings of others, formed by stereotypes, body language, a person's dress - snob, snooty, macho man, know-it-all, pleasant, nice, sweet, sexy, hot.