Want to see what goes on inside Sony's main factory for digital cameras and lenses?

Here's a 4-minute video that shows how the Sony a7R II is assembled, tested, and boxed up at the Sony Digital Imaging factory in Chunburi, Thailand. Posting to social media outlets where family members and friends can all admire your work can stifle your creativity and prevent you from getting truly constructive feedback that you can develop from.

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When we talk about the Shutter Speed in photography, the first thing that comes to mind is its relationship to Exposure.

Shutter speed is an essential part of Exposure Triangle (Aperture, ISO, Shutter Speed) and it helps photographers to get perfectly exposed photos.

Many a photographer knows from experience that getting a credit line for his or her work may often be the only compensation available.

That was my situation when I was employed as a student and photographer at UCLA back -- make that WAAAYY back -- in 1966-68.

Not happy with Lightroom's sluggish performance on your computer?

Here's a helpful 15-minute video in which photographer and instructor Anthony Morganti shares a number of helpful tips for optimizing your Lightroom's performance.

If you use your Instagram account as a main online portfolio for your photography, it's important to make sure you're presenting your work and skills well.

Here's a 14-minute video in which photographer Peter Mc Kinnon shares tips for taking your Instagram to the next level.

Is the most egalitarian form of photography, ‘street photography’, being destroyed by its own popularity? I won’t profess to have a clear answer to this question, but I do have some thoughts.