Video games were confined to an interminable cycle of Mario Kart played on 80s consoles.

However, on this particular day, even these past-times were off limits.

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Despite coming from a middle-class family, for the most part, he says other activities were out of reach due to costliness.

“There is one bowling alley in Pyongyang but I only went once because it was very expensive.

“I worked in the head office but we would go around factories, schools, universities and more teaching people Juche, the state ideology of North Korea,” he explains.

“Everyone aged between 15 and 30 has to be in the union.

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Journalism is a tough job," said the man, who also did not want to be named.Yesterday, the frenzy continued as pressmen kept an eagle eye out for signs of the North Korean ambassador to Malaysia, Kang Chol, who has been ordered to leave the country.In the morning, the embassy's counsellor Kim Yu-song came out to collect a copy of The Star that was delivered at the gate. Several people drove in and out of the compound, ignoring the press. Koreans the right move, say analysts At 5.20pm, pandemonium ensued when Ri Tong-il, the former North Korean ambassador to the United Nations, and Kim Song, who led a delegation from Pyongyang to meet with Wisma Putra officials on Tuesday, left in a car with the window wound down. “I never watched porn there, it would have been really dangerous.Some people have pornography but if the government found them they would go directly to a camp.” Homosexuality is another taboo in North Korean society, so much so that Kang says there was no concept of it, let alone a word for it.While these might sound like run-of-the-mill adolescent coming of age exploits, these activities took on a rather different form for Jimmin Kang in North Korea.