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Angels are dispatched from heaven to inspire people who are at a crossroads in their lives.

Some of the shows story lines were less desirable, but the final message always came through loud and clear.

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It also finds the angels helping a famous poet (Maya Angelou) accept her son's HIV-positive fiancée (Natalie Cole) and reviving a run-down jazz club (with Hal Linden, Al Jarreau and B. In this volume of episodes, Monica and Taylor (Chris Burke) help parents who learn their baby will be born with Down syndrome, and the angels try to cheer an aging actress (Carol Burnett).

Itinerant angels Monica and Tess (Roma Downey and Della Reese) continue their good works in these episodes from the long-running show's fourth season, in which they help a small-town minister and his flock regain their faith.

In the show's seventh season, Valerie Bertinelli joined the cast as Gloria, a newbie appointed to work under Monica and Tess as an angel in training.

In this long-running drama series, angels Monica (Roma Downey), Tess (Della Reese) and Andrew (John Dye) have been sent to Earth to inspire and assist people who are facing rough roads.

The angels may not bring answers to every problem, but they always deliver a message of hope. I have known of several people that have changed some of their bad ways and have re-joined the Church.

It shouldn't take a TV show to turn people around but if that is what it takes then it is good. Sorry it had to go off the air, but at least we can still enjoy the story and the great message it brought.

The family moved to Cleveland, Tennessee, where he attended Cleveland High School, and later to Tupelo, Mississippi.

He was introduced to acting by playing the role of Friedrich, the youngest von Trapp child in a school production of The Sound of Music at Cleveland High School. He graduated from Tupelo High School, where he again played Friedrich von Trapp. After graduating, he enrolled at Mississippi State University in hopes of becoming a civil rights lawyer.

The best thing to do, is to give yourself and him some time and space.

For nine seasons on CBS, this inspirational, Emmy-nominated drama explored the role of faith in everyday living through the eyes of three angels -- Monica (Roma Downey), Tess (Della Reese) and Andrew (John Dye) -- who were assigned to help humans through earthly struggles.

After a year at Mississippi State University, he decided to become an actor, and was advised against it by his great-grandmother.