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This topic is specific to a legacy technology that is retained for backward compatibility with existing applications and is not recommended for new development.

The eventing system blocks on that invocation until the client returns or times out.

Check the project page on the "Interoperability Bridges and Labs page" and read this blog post "A new bridge for PHP developers to . NET Data Services" for a more detailed introduction. NET Data Services framework consists of a combination of patterns and libraries that enable the creation and consumption of data services for the web. Net Data Services framework is to facilitate the creation of flexible data services that are naturally integrated with the web, using URIs to point to pieces of data and simple, well-known formats to represent that data, such as JSON and plain XML.

This results in the data service being surfaced to the web as a REST-style resource collection that is addressable with URIs and that agents can interact with using the usual HTTP verbs such as GET, POST or DELETE. NET Data Services is based on an utility (PHPData Svc Util) that is used to generate a proxy class from an ADO .

NET Data Services enables PHP developers to access data services created using ADO . The goal is to provide the similar functionality as .

NET library to access and modify the data and its relationship using URIs which points to pieces of data integrated with the web.

A relationship between entities is defined as an Association Type. The Company’s proven processes for entire product lifecycle helps customers increase revenue, margin and enhance brand value.

Vectorworks software helps people transform the world.NET Data Service, the class is then used in the PHP application to connect/edit/add/delete or browse records from the Data Service.PHPData Svc Util tool generates a single proxy PHP file that contains class definitions which will be used by the client application to access the data service. NET Data Services provide a metadata endpoint that returns a schema of resources and URIs deployed by the data service.Furthermore, you should always authenticate (if not encrypt) such communications.Never allow a type on the server to be deserialized if you are not certain that it is the type that is intended.NET, MSData Set Generator for strongly-typed Data Sets, and MSDisco Code Generator for Web Service proxy classes.