Now in it’s fifth year, the Richmond Community Seed Library continues to grow and engage Richmond residents in growing a robust local food system. Just like a book library, members of the seed library can ‘check out’ seeds.They grow the plants, and let some of them go to seed, which they save and return to the Seed Library for others to borrow in the next growing season.

The head of the UK’s Countryside Agency famously said in 2007 that civilization is ‘nine meals away from anarchy’.

This stems from the fact that most grocery stores have only three days supply of food on their shelves.

While each community approaches it differently, all ultimately emphasize the importance of building a local food community and economy.

The need for a Food Charter was identified in Richmond’s Official Community Plan, and a Working Group was formed. Canada is a country that boasts natural beauty, friendly communities, and celebrations of multiculturalism and diversity.

The local food movement is growing; more people are choosing to eat locally in order to support their local farmers, keep money in the local economy and have a say...

Find other singles looking for friendship, marriage, relationship on our free online dating service and social network. Join us in an annual celebration of local seeds, gardening, and education that supports a healthy, strong community and local food system. For more information please see the event page or contact us.The 8th Annual Richmond Seedy Saturday is on Saturday, March 4th, 2017 at Thompson Community Centre, from 10 a.m. Spend the day at Seedy Saturday and and get ready for the upcoming gardening season with local seed, garden, and plant companies.Researchers found (1) that food insecure individuals are also compromised in physical and mental health, reduced in their ability to perform to full potential at school and work, and possessed greater risks for perceived lack of social support, depression and chronic stress.With 1 in 20 children also experiencing food insecurity (1), this issue is relevant for both current and future generations of Canadians....Bring seeds for the seed exchange and your gardening questions to ask a Master Gardener.