The FBI primarily handles human trafficking cases, along with the Anchorage Police Department.

Benson’s bail was set by warrant at 0,000 cash performance bond, a 0,000 cash corporate appearance bond and a court-approved third-party custodian, according to the DOL.

The number grows every year, and many of those perpetrators face a lifetime of discrimination for a crime that, to some, seems worse than murder. Kreiss-Tomkins proposed that the Commission “appoint a working group to review and analyze sexual offense statutes and report to the legislature if there are circumstances under which victims’ rights, public safety, and the rehabilitation of offenders are better served by changing existing laws; the commission shall deliver the report to the senate secretary and the chief clerk of the house of representatives and notify the legislature that the report is available; the commission may include in the working group people representing a variety of viewpoints who are not members of the commission…” It’s the kind of move for which, if you’re a Republican in Alaska, and you’re facing election, the media might savage you, as they do.

Trafficking is hidden in the community, according to Bronen.

The only way to stop it is prevention, education and speaking up.

The Munoz proposed amendment had been withdrawn before it was voted on, after Munoz consulted with a respected advocacy group.

The Kreiss-Tomkins amendment, however, was never mentioned by the media or anyone else, for that matter.

During committee hearings, lawmakers asked what could be done to deal with the very real differences in crimes as they pertain to rape, sexual assault, age differentials, and other matters that happen between sexual beings. Jonathan Kreiss-Tomkins, with the confidence of youth, bravely waded into it during a House Judiciary Committee review of SB 91 in April.

He may have been influenced by the story of a young man with a well-known Sitka last name of Grussendorf, who had drawn a severe sentence for a case stemming from an indictment for having had oral sex and other sexual acts, including penetration, with an underage someone.

This was an 18-year-old man using some very bad judgment and a victim who will probably have a lot to work through during her life.

He happened to have some family members who had political connections, but that’s not the crime; in Alaska, just about everyone has access to their legislators.

Benson faces a minimum sentencing range of 40 to 60 years.