“People tend to log on at various times of the day,” says James.“So, if you’ve been doing so in the evening, have a go first thing in the morning instead.

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If someone wasn’t interested before, they might give you a second look.” This do-over can be as simple as a new outfit, or a different background than the four walls of your home – experiment and, most of all, have fun!

Swap your timeframes around Timing might also be to blame for your lack of attention.

"When males have recently encountered only few females – what you might call in the dating game a ‘dry spell’ – they expend significantly more effort in courting new females when they do meet up," says Dr Jordan.

"In contrast, males that have been in a ‘purple patch’, encountering numerous females in their recent past, are far more relaxed in the presence of subsequent females, and court these new females about half as strongly as desperado males." The laboratory study investigated the courtship strategies of male guppies as they relate to their individual social history.

But a great drought can be expelled by that one passionate, perfect message from someone you fancy to bits.

All you have to do is recognise what’s lacking, and acknowledge that you could be a hair’s breadth away from love at every turn. Go on – make that profile uncontestably amazing, and your Free And Single account will be the bright spot in someone’s day.

You’ll reach a whole new audience and could find you get a better response rate.” Many of us do have habits deciding when we sit down at a computer, so it’s worth taking this on board.

It’s easy to accept that the knocks to our confidence are irreversible.

We can spend years wandering in the romantic boondocks, thirsting for a kiss and a quick sofa snuggle.

Online dating doesn’t come easily to everyone, and it can be a little saddening to be out of luck for a while, to see your inbox degrade into a ghost town.

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