It's the emotional or psychological dimension of sex that makes it distinctively human.Our entire person — mind, body, and feelings — is involved.

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That's why sexual intimacy has potentially powerful emotional consequences.

Why is it so much harder to discuss sex and emotional hurt — to name and talk about the damaging psychological effects that can come from premature sexual involvement?

For one thing, most of us have never heard this aspect of sex discussed. The media don't depict the emotional consequences of sex; indeed, television and the movies typically depict sex as consequence-free.

And the debate over what to teach about condoms in schools or whether teens should have over-the-counter access to the "morning after" pill usually fails to address the fact that condoms and pills do nothing to make sex safe.

"I have so many characters in my life," says Cam'ron.

In a new web series titled Giles Investigation, the Uptown legend will return to his old haunts and reconnect with some of these characters—more specifically, the folks he met during the late '90s and early 2000s when he was "allegedly," as he's quick to interject, selling drugs.

"Face was just such a big celebrity where we came from, we couldn't understand why he was getting high," he told The FADER over the phone.

And so, for , Face lets Cam trail him for a couple of hours: on a crosstown errand and then back to Face's apartment, where he shows off his girlfriend and his pipe much to Cam's dismay.

When it comes to trying to explain to their children or students how premature sex can harm one's personality and character as well as one's health, many adults are at a loss for words or reduced to vague generalities such as, "You're too young," "You're not ready," or "You're not mature enough." Some of the psychological consequences of premature sex — such as feelings of regret — are beginning to get more attention.

A 2004 survey conducted by the National Campaign to Prevent Teen Pregnancy asked teenagers, "If you have had sexual intercourse, do you wish you had waited? We've actually known about the emotional consequences of sex for a long time. Armand Nicholi, Jr., clinical professor of psychiatry at Harvard Medical School, describes a study he helped to carry out in the 1960s: "Not long after the sexual revolution was underway, clinicians observed that the new sexual freedom was creating a psychological disaster.

This first episode is an uncomfortable watch, but as he explained, Cam'ron intended it to be that way.