The messages range from the teasing to the mundane, including requests for money to play electricity bills.Police discovered that more than £37,000 was spent by the customer network for the live abuse, more than £5,000 spent by people in Britain.

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It takes a long time to unravel the secrets of a computer, even one where little obvious attempt has been made to hide what was on it. Documents on the laptop revealed that he was planning to buy land and build an "internet café" in Angeles City in the Philippines, a city described by local authorities as a hotbed for trafficked young women and children."It's like organised crime," said Det Sgt Thayanithy.

The examination of Ford's revealed 600 images of children, both stills and videos. "When you have a drug dealer and a drugs kingpin, he has people that he trusts to look after the commodity.

The Filipino children – aged from six to 15, identified in the inquiry – received only a tiny fraction of the money.

To secure a search warrant in the Philippines, the court needed evidence from someone who had witnessed the sexual assaults.

Some included adults conducting and orchestrating sexual acts. We came in at a level where we didn't know who the lower down people were, but we had the people involved at the top."As soon as he got the newest information, Det Sgt Thayanithy and a colleague met with officers at the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Centre (CEOP), part of the National Crime Agency. In July 2012, Special Agent Hoots Johnson (not his real name) was sitting at his desk at the offices of the Homeland Security Investigations team in Missouri when an advert on the online classified website Craigslist caught his eye, offering photography services from the Philippines.

It was clear that some of the children were foreign. Johnson, an expert in undercover operations and a 25-year crime-fighting veteran, guessed from the language that it was something far more sinister.

Now following the Ford leads, he engaged in the painstaking work to trace the victims in the Philippines and the men that had abused them – both online and in person.

"Most adults tend to put pictures with their children on social networking sites and we were able to pair up and identify them," said Lay.

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