She had surgery and many rounds of chemotherapy, but the cancer eventually spread to her liver.

She spent her final days with her family at their ranch in Arizona.

A vegetarian, Mc Cartney wrote several cookbooks and developed a successful line of frozen meat-free meals.

Reportedly the couple never spent a night away from each other except for Paul's 10-day stint in a Tokyo jail for possession of marijuana in 1980.

Outside of music, the couple tried to provide the most normal life for their children as possible.

A vegetarian, Mc Cartney wrote several cookbooks and was also active member of PETA.

In 1995, Mc Cartney discovered that she had breast cancer.

Over the years, Mc Cartney continued to express herself artistically.

She published several books of her photographs, including In 1995, Mc Cartney discovered that she had breast cancer.Sometime after her divorce, she and her daughter moved to New York City around 1965. She was able to photograph the members of the Rolling Stones during their visit to New York and those images helped launch her career as a rock photographer.She went on to photograph such rock luminaries as Janis Joplin, Bob Dylan, the Doors, the Grateful Dead, and the Mamas and the Papas.We’re located in beautiful Scottsville, Virginia, just a short drive from Charlottesville. I'm still getting comments from people on how much fun they had.Your GPS may have a little trouble finding us, so check out our detailed directions, and you’ll be here in no time. I really appreciate the extra work you did for us to make us feel welcome and if I have anything to do with it.....will be back next summer!The family spent most of its time on a remote farm in East Sussex, England, and their children attended local schools.