Don't wear anything provocative such as low-cut, skin-tight, or see-through clothing.Naturally, if you're doing something sporty or having a backyard barbecue, you'll want to be more casual.According to a recent study in the Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, we form two types of familial bonds.

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Maintain a positive attitude and don't sweat too many small details.

If either set of parents is divorced, set up meetings based on family dynamics and how well they get along.

The problem is that our siblings (not just our parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, and/or friends) can have a very real effect on our marriages, sometimes for good, but often not.

Your partner's siblings can have a powerful impact on the way your spouse and you communicate, how intimate you are, how you relate to each other, and even how you raise your children.

You might have to have more than one meeting if the divorced parents can't be in the same room without arguing.

One way to alleviate your fear is to do a little homework and find out the likes and dislikes of your in-laws.The spousal abuse is only discovered during investigation of the brother-in-law, in many cases.(2) What’s interesting is that not only may your spouse's sibling affect your marriage, but your marriage may also affect your spouse's sibling, or at least his relationship with your spouse.For example, if your wife has never been terribly close to her brother, but you and he are the best of friends, she may begin to feel differently about him.If you are getting together in a restaurant, wear something nice, clean, and conservative.Make sure your hair and fingernails are clean and well groomed. Are you nervous about meeting the people who are about to become your in-laws? Chances are, once you've decided to marry someone, you've met your future in-laws.