Brandy Norris, the lead investigator on the case for College Station police. He was smart enough to know he didn’t have to hide in the bushes and grab them as they were walking by.” Yarbrough disagreed. I know for a fact it’s not true,” he said in an interview at Ferguson Unit, a Texas prison about two hours north of Houston. My friends know it’s not true.” A European foreign exchange student, the first woman to accuse Yarbrough by name, had been a friend of a friend of his. I don’t know what happened.” Victim: “Why did you do it? Look, I’m sorry.” Victim: “You made me feel so sick, so violated, so helpless …” Yarbrough: “I don’t really — I don’t even know what to say. And news of his arrest would lead three other women to testify that Yarbrough had assaulted them prior to the foreign exchange student.The two had chatted on what police would call “The Facebook” and played pool together at a local nightspot. One of the three women was a hometown friend of Yarbrough’s from Palestine who followed him to A&M.

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By the time it was over, there would be a total of five women, all testifying they were assaulted by Yarbrough in the same circumstances: After drinking heavily, each said she passed out or fell asleep and woke to find Yarbrough having sex with her or touching her sexually.

“He would pick the most intoxicated female, whether he’d be at a bar or at a party,” recalled Lt. Sorry for making you feel that way.” The tape became a key piece of evidence that helped put Yarbrough in prison.

“This is the norm,” said Lisak, who co-authored a 2002 study of nearly 1,900 college men published in the academic journal Violence and Victims.

“The vast majority of rapes are perpetrated by serial offenders who, on average, have six victims.

One told the Center for Public Integrity that she had reported the assault a year before to A&M’s student health center and, after getting little support from the university, transferred to another school.

Likewise, all five women testified the assaults occurred after they had been drinking heavily, which blurred their memories.Included in the “roll call” at the 2000 Muster were the names of the dozen students killed the previous November in the collapse of a giant bonfire tower built of logs.Despite that welcoming culture, sexual violence does occur.Twenty-two “forcible sex offenses” were reported at A&M in the three-year period ending with the 2007-08 academic year, according to the university’s most recent annual campus security report.Still, the Aggieland community was shocked by news reports that an A&M student — and a senior member of the cadet Corps — was arrested in early December 2004 and charged with raping another student.Her grades dropped because of it, and she left A&M and later graduated from another university.