Until passing matriculation, Rajkamal was religious (as he was brought up in strict Maithil Brahmin family).

While preaching, his father would give him an example of a son who got burnt alive on the deck of a ship while obeying the orders of his father.

Rajkamal would find such examples ridiculous and loathsome. This is where he met a girl named Shobhana and fell in love with her.

Till now, the institution of Bachelors Dormitories which is gradually disappearing amongst the tribes of North Eastern Region, are found in the Garo villages.

In such dormitories young people stay and live together till they are married.

The headquarters town of Tura is 323 km via Guwahati, at an altitude of 657 m.

The highest point in the Garo Hills is Nokrek Peak with elevation of 1412 m.

Arrival of step mother in his house was the beginning of a tumultuous relationship between Rajkamal and his father.

Because his step mother was of similar age as Rajkamal was, he could never see her in same manner as he used to see his own mother or his earlier step mother ( Prior to Madhusudan Chaudhary's marriage to Rajkamal's mother, he had a previous marriage but did not have a child from that marriage).

They receive various training in the dormitories like protection of crops, construction of roads, organising festivals, sports and ceremonies.

This institution is similar to ancient agoges of Sparta. But before that, they used to be nature-worshipers.

Rajkamal passed his matriculation examination in 1947 from Nawada high school in Bihar. College hostel where he got more inclined towards literature and started reading about painting and started drawing. Shobhna's father was transferred to Bhagalpur and as a result Shobhana moved away from Patna.