Another area in the Kumasi metropolis, which has become by a man who claimed to be an ex-soldier and his wife.

However, a split occurred and the woman quickly set out her own joint for the same purpose.

While, the malicious old men pay between GH1.50.00 to GH3.00 for a short period, saying the old men are easily to discharge hence the lower of their payment.

Additionally, the young men are also charged anything up to GH20.00 for a night sleep (usually known as long period).

However, her friends cajoled her and she had sex for the first time with a certain callous half-cast man for a pittance.

Abena says it was painful and when she got home, she only told her mother that she had a 'boil' on her 'organ' and that was all.

Her mother did not even find out why she was going out at night neither did she ask to see the so-called boil.

To cut a lengthy story short, with free consultancy advice from friends and experienced sex workers she managed to become 'good' at managing men; she knows how to allow entry into her depending upon the appearance, attitude, size and quantum of payment.

Indeed, life has not been smooth sailing for the family.

She therefore though it's prudent to engage in the 'night life' to make things easier for the family.

Child prostitution is a frightening reality and UNESCO indicates that "all forms of sexual exploitation are incompatible with human dignity, and therefore violates fundamental human rights, regardless of the age, gender, race, ethnicity or class of the victim".

Most sex workers feel frustrated and worthless because there do not seem to be any prospects for a 'retirement benefit', though this is now true of many workers in the Third World because of poor economic planning and management by our governments.

Other too would like to take advantage of social laxity .