is the current King (Swazi language: Ngwenyama or Ingwenyama) of Swaziland and head of the Swazi Royal Family.King Mswati III was born in Manzini, Swaziland to King Sobhuza II and one of his younger wives Ntombi Tfwala. He attended primary school at Masundvwini Primary School and secondary school at Lozitha Palace School.Mswati's reign has been criticized for its several alleged human rights violations.

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His regime has been accused of extrajudicial killings by his forces, along with arbitrary arrests, detentions, and unwarranted searches and seizures of homes and property.

His government has restricted freedom of speech, assembly and association, and has harassed activists and journalists.

and the only child of Ntfombi Tfwala, also known as Inkhosikati La Tfwala, one of Sobhuza's younger wives.

He was born at the Raleigh Fitkin Memorial Hospital in Manzini, four months before Swaziland attained independence from the United Kingdom. As a young prince, Makhosetive attended Masundwini Primary School and later Lozitha Palace School.

Under Swazi law and custom, the king is vested with virtually all powers of the state.

Despite Swaziland having a prime minister, Mswati holds supreme executive authority over the legislature and courts.Swaziland has been described as having been gripped by years of fiscal indiscipline, government corruption, and lavish lifestyles of the royal family.The nation has also been described as being on the brink of economic disaster due to these factors.The Prime Minister's Office issued a press statement saying the article in the Times of Swaziland was "reckless and untrue" and that the proposal was for the construction of 5 State Houses, not Palaces, and the cost was only €19.9 million.Mswati has a personal stake in a large portion of Swaziland's economy which is a factor in its below-average economic growth for a Sub-Saharan nation.He has been accused of kidnapping women he desires to marry, although no case can be brought against him.